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SongRevolution is a service of Bzoink, LLC. It's designed to be a complete lyrics database including comments and thoughts about each song from members, and to be extremely simple and fast. SongRevolution is a constantly evolving community due to the fact that it centers around user interaction and involvement. The community is also changing on a frequent basis in terms of what's going on behind the scenes with new features and optimizations to simply make using the site easier.

SongRevolution launched Mid-December 2004. That means it's a fairly new community, a fresh community, one that's waiting for you to jump on in. While it may be a new community, it already has a fairly strong beginning with over 10,000 songs in the database.

This community flaunts a PHP frontend with a mySQL database on the backend. There are currently two dedicated servers powering its existance. One 2.0Ghz (2) 80GB HD, 1GB RAM server handling all database requests and one 1.3Ghz 60GB HD, 1GB RAM server handling all web, email, and other requests. A custom caching system has been put in place to limit database load, and there is plenty of room to grow!

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