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Fuck Liz Where Are You?

Artists : Kind Of Like Spitting : Fuck Liz Where Are You?

What I need and what I deserve from you
Look here at the picture in front of me
She's beautiful
I don't know where she is, right now
But it's beside the point
So many more important things to concentrate on
Than just one night we decided to sleep without our clothes on
All I do is wait
All I do is want
Nighttime, I feel so suspicious I can't think
House full of dishes and little black dots that travel in a line
Sacrifice, here in the morning
I need to know something has changed or I get bored
Typical of me here on drugs
All I need is to lay at your feet
No one else matters now, when I can't sleep
Sister, oh sister, are you snow bound?
There's a boy here who loves you, sleeps next door to me

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