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Blue Period

Artists : Kind Of Like Spitting : Blue Period

Overly enthused, easily confused
Do you really even have to ask
Why you feel so, why you feel so used?
Common obligations, common complications
She said to me in the dark
That it was just like suicide
In that you really don't want to die
But you've said it so many times
Like a musical trend, you see it as a phase
Predictable film with a forgettable end
Why does boy meet girl leave me feeling ripped off?
The police have been tipped off
Following a trail of denial
They've all got my file
Saying worrying for the knockoff
Guilt for the cleanup
You say keep your chin up
Here we are in the open air
The glow of our godless season
We're fighting for no reason
We both want the same things
And it's just like suicide
I really don't want to die
But we've been through this so many times
It's just like suicide
I really don't want to die
But the choice ain't mine

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