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1330 Oak 1995

Artists : Kind Of Like Spitting : 1330 Oak 1995

Look out into the freeway eyes of the party, of the party
Look out into the dark spring sky at the party
You'd rather be anywhere than with this guy at the party
And yeah, I'm taking it way too hard, I'm so fucking sorry
And now I know that I will become everything I hate eventually
And it puts me back in high school
When I wanted to be cooler than I'd ever be
I'd ever be
So I went walking from the party
Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Walked out into the dark spring sky
Left you hammered next to some other guy
Back in my bedroom, red lights flashed
it's the first time that I ate food just because I was sad
And what do you care?
What do you care?
What do you care about?

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