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Someone Else Before

Artists : Hawk Nelson : Someone Else Before

the phone starts ringing again
I think its my girlfriend
this time I know that its finally over
she keeps bringing me down
will this all turn around
right now i feel like i am slowly dying

you know i've heard it all before,
and now my eyes they run like faucets
until my tears are dry

she said we were in love
i take a sip of my water
i guess we'll carry on at last
she still thinks its my fault
and i'm nobody at all
she must of thought i was someone else before


i'm not so special now
i always knew it somehow
i guess she never had guts to tell me
is it my spiked blonde hair?
the fact that my chest is bare?
or that my wardrobe is all in black?
its all in black, its all in black
you want me back
well i wont be back

because you're always keeping score
but now the scorecard's in my pocket
and now the match is won


*phone rings, and a conversation between a boy and girl ensues*


she said we were in love
[repeat 3x]

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